Many companies find that budget restraints won’t allow for the employment of a full time Network engineer to control and maintain small Comms room environments and over time, LAN cabinets can become untidy making fault finding both difficult and very time consuming.
Unless these issues are dealt with promptly, they can become costly and have a serious impact, especially on company’s dependent upon e-commerce.
One service we have found to be popular with clients is the total audit and re-cabling of LAN enclosures.

All work is undertaken outside normal working hours and includes either the re-dressing and re-termination of existing cables or the installation of new cabling, depending on the client’s requirements.

All cabling is tested and labeled and a comprehensive set of test results and patching schedules are supplied.

To find out more about our cabling audit service, contact Approve Network Installations LTD : Office: 0141 332 2660