Network Cabling Solutions

More than ever before, structured cabling systems are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, meeting greater demands and workloads. With emerging connectivity developments in hardware and software, structured cabling system tolerances are becoming ever more stringent.

Approve Network Installations LTD have extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining cabling systems in line with business needs thus, enabling us to offer a broad range of cabling solutions.

These include;

  • Cat 5e UTP/FTP/STP CablinG
  • Cat 6 UTP/STP Cabling
  • Voice Multicore CW1308 Cabling

Our systems are designed by RCCD Consultants and are installed by experienced engineers who have been trained and accredited by the industries leading manufacturers
All cabling installations are tested to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and test results are provided as part of the customer handover documentation.


Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling systems provide a universal platform for transferring data, voice and multimedia applications around premises.
It provides the following features:

  • It allows you to replace multiple wiring systems with a single, unified infrastructure, with the ability to carry data in any format, from voice through to video.
  • It carries a high bandwidth which means it can support emerging applications, such as IP telephony.
  • It is more cost effective than investing in two discrete cabling networks and is generally easier to manage.
  • It allows to you to make moves and changes quickly. You can plug in and start working straight away, regardless of whether you change desks, move floors or restructure whole departments.